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Image slideshow on your desktop

VisualFeed is a desktop slideshow application. It will stay on your desktop in a sidebar-like fashion and display your images and photos. Just browse for a folder on your hard drive that you want see and add it to VisualFeed. It will then start showing the images right on your desktop.

Subscribe to news feeds

VisualFeed is also a visual RSS feed reader. It's "visual" in that it will display images instead of boring, boring texts, if the feed provides them. Simply enter the name of a website and VisualFeed will attempt to find the feed for you. Don't worry, the program also comes with a precompiled list of websites to get you started.

Download the latest audio & video podcats

Additionally, VisualFeed acts as a podcast & video podcast reader. It will automatically download and show the latest episodes of your favorite podcasts and videocasts.

Stay up to date

VisualFeed will update feeds automatically and display new feed entries. You can stay up to date with a bunch of your favorite websites at once, without having to visit them all separately.

Subscribe to more media content

Maybe add the website of your favorite news source? A Pinterest feed or a Tumblr blog? Your preferred cat meme website? Learn how to bake cookies with a cooking podcast? Whatever you can think of. Have it on your desktop.

It's free to use

Means it costs nothing.